• I was born to Anna & Martin Luther Lewis on December 27th, 1958 at Provident Hospital in Chicago. I grew up in a loving single parent home because my father had fallen off a step-ladder hanging drapes he had made for the dining room. My dad was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors found he had cancer as well. He lived for three weeks and passed away in July of 1959. I and my twin brother, Martin, were only 7 months old. My mother carried on with the help of her mother to raise us, never marrying again.

      I told my beloved late mother in 1983, after participating in Harold Washington's Successful Mayoral Campaign Victory, "Momma, what if I ran for Congress?" And before I could finish the word 'Congress' she said, "I'll walk the streets for you to help you get elected". 

    • I have lived a working man's life, but opportunities were available, not like in today's economy. 

      My first job at age 14 paid $1.65 an hour.  I was cutting weeds in vacant lots for Mayor Daley's Summer Youth Program. By the way, it was federally funded and was hard work but rewarding, and I gained experience because I took pride in knowing it had to be done and I earned my way. In 1977, I graduated from De La Salle Institute (High School), and upon graduation, I earned a select spot to become a "First Intern" at 1st National Bank of Chicago (Now called Chase). This was a federally funded program to assist young people's entry into the area of corporate banking. This is where I learned about banking, and received a scholarship to become a manager after graduation from DePaul University where I majored in Business Management and Banking. After 2 years, my career interests changed and I left both DePaul and 1st National.

      I was employed as a Hotel House Cleaning Supervisor at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Next I was employed as a proxy for an investment firm. Also I was a Baggage Handler for American Airlines for 5 ┬Ż years (1984 to 1989), where I invented the now widely used 'Baggage Canvas Tractor Door' which saved airlines millions in vital replacement and repair costs. 

      I was a 4th generation farmer in Munfordville, Kentucky. Our 44 acre farm was in the family since March 15, 1932 until December 7, 2007. I understand trying to hold on to precious land when outsiders use pressure tactics to swipe it out from you.  

      In 1999, I was ordained a minister in the Apostolic faith.

      For almost 17 years I was employed at the United States Postal Service in Carol Stream, Illinois as a Mail Handler repairing mail in the Nixie "WE CARE" Unit.  I was discharged from the Postal Service on May 16th, 2014 because I chose to run for Congress. 

      I want every child to have an equal opportunity for a quality education, a good job, and a bright future.