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    • creating jobs, manufacturing, and rebuilding our economy

      Our district needs JOBS NOW and Education Grants for our children seeking Higher Learning, not burdensome loans that only make our problems worse. Yes, this is where the Federal Government must play a key role to assist us in getting us to where we want to go. We need our Federal Government where we pay our tax dollars  to help alleviate our struggles. That is why the Top 1% has expensive Lobbyists at our Federal Government that only serve "their" interests and you will have me as your intermediator looking out for our best interests at heart at this level.

      When elected, I will file bills instituting a WPA style jobs program to rebuild the Southeast Side of the district by rehabbing streets and sewer systems, and providing training for a multitude of skills that will be needed.  We must now prepare for the returning of industry to the district.  The long term unemployed must be up to par, as my aim is to convince American companies that you must come home and setup shop back in America.  There are several methods by which this can be accomplished.

      -Through tariffs on the products shipped back to this country that would be so onerous that the message would ring out loud and clear, "BRING THE JOBS BACK HOME , QUICK, FAST & IN A HURRY-By changes in the tax code on businesses, since most are headquartered here but the factories are offshore, we would tax them where the make the goods.
      -Forcing the companies to bring the money back home from offshore accounts out of the reach of the IRS, the IRS would be given the tools by laws passed, to go and confiscate these untaxed profits.

      We must have a change to get back to the normal that was--before over 57,000 manufacturers were permitted by this government, to simply pick up and leave, and go to other countries--some with financial assistance from the U.S. Taxpayers, to pack up and abandon our citizens, leaving them with nowhere to work.

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    • investment in the 2nd district

      This is the number one issue that has not been seriously addressed in over 40 years in the 2nd Congressional District.  

      This district once was the mecca of the Midwest in terms df industry and manufacturing such as steel.  With the advent of seeking lower wages by companies overseas the area is now awash with residents ready to work again right now.  A job making things is a good way to work our way out of the hopelessness of joblessness.  I therefore see this as a area of innovation and training to make the next product that consumers worldwide will need.  I, as your Congressman,  on day one of taking the office, will be contacting the CEO's of companies such as Tesla headed by Elon Musk, to bring to our district the numerous manufacturing capabilities of his Electric car,  such as The Model S.  

      We will enjoin innovators of all industries of cutting edge technology and everyday consumer products to come here and set up shop.  We are ready.  We have the land for these innovators to build their plants and train and employ the next generation of workers that are ready to make this district a place that makes things well.  This is how I will bring in private industry to participate in rebuilding a New 2nd Congressional District.

      I also will jump right in on the public side and reintroduce the WPA ACT, (The Work Program Administration) for the Federal Government to invest in products that the government uses and needs.  We will need a culmination of both public and private initiatives.  I am interested in jumpstarting the area for work productivity and full employment and no more allowing able-bodied workers to aimlessly waste away before my eyes any longer.  I believe the residents are sick and tired of the corruption that has sent the past two Congressmen to prison.  I am here to make it right and ask that you join me to do the right thing and elect me to be your next representative.  

    • the peotone airport project

      I, Absolutely, DO NOT SUPPORT the proposed Peotone Airport Project.  My opposition to this project is simple; there is not one major airline that has signed on to fly into this proposed airport. I don't believe in building this airport without their long-term confirmed commitment.  I feel that this land can be better utilized with the construction of an industrial park for a variety of manufacturers, providing thousands of jobs for our residents.


      Every child, every youth, every man, every woman has a right to have a quality education.  We deserve to be the best for one's self, family and our community, coupled with a first rate education.  We are facing an environment that wants to shut off the access to a quality education by closing elementary and secondary schools, and making funding college tuition only through burdensome loans that will haunt the student well into their adulthood.  That's why I will propose the expansion of the Pell Grant and student loan forgiveness.  The country MUST invest in its citizens that desire to be the best they can be, to be properly educated, trained and prepared to assume the duties to be a productive citizen for our present and the future of our nation.  Our federal government MUST support this wise investment in its citizens.  


      I support the insertion of the PUBLIC OPTION to ObamaCare.  Healthcare for all Americans should be a right, as a citizen of this country.  Thus I will propose and file bills to transform the Affordable Care Act to become Medicare for All Act.  This is an investment this country should have made for all its citizens after seeing the success of the Medicaid/Medicare Programs.  We must be better than talking about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but put it into action.  A healthy American can only make good moneyed sense in the early prevention of illnesses, and to be assured that quality medical care is guaranteed is a mental anguish to be avoided for one's self, family and our district in this nation.


      I will be a tireless advocate for the guaranteed rights to live, work, educate, earn a living, and have access to resources free of discrimination.  Period.  I will file and introduce bills to strengthen current civil rights laws, and file an all important constitutional amendment that is necessary to combat this evil that this country still struggles with, putting an end,  legally, to this shameful historic stain. With Marcus Lewis as your Congressman, I will seek to end the policy of discrimination.


      There will be no greater advocate and protector of Social Security than Congressman Marcus Lewis!  This "social contract", as President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, will be off limits to anyone that dares to chip away at this fundamental program that was instituted to guarantee that there would be a check to the American Worker who put in the hard work while young, and had paid into the system that, upon retirement, would then draw out a monthly specified sum, insuring against being impoverished. I will ensure that, as long as I am Congressman, I will be a watchman over this jewel to the seniors of our district, and nation.

      Medicare is another wonderful program passed, and signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.  He promoted this program because he realized that our senior citizens were in need of basic, quality healthcare, and it was the duty of this great and wealthy nation to provide such care.  I want it for all Americans of all ages.  It is the mark of a great nation to see to the welfare of its citizens to live decently, in dignity, thus inspiring tranquility amongst ourselves as citizens, to be what we claim to the world we are, as the greatest nation on earth.


      I believe since 1981 to the present, the federal government has given the masses of the people debt it did not deserve to bear.   The passage of unpaid for massive tax cuts that were not reinvested in our economy, but pocketed by the top 1% of this nation.  It constantly left this nation's masses with little left in terms to provide the basic services the people have become accustomed to as a means to stabilize families, whole communities, districts and our nation.  It is this unfair shift in priorities upward to insure wealth remains in the hands of those that don't reinvest in this country, but syphon our resources to take offshore whole industries thereby taking the jobs, and taxes with them.  This, we look back and see was a bad deal for the masses of Americans.  We are still reeling from this misguided policy, to this very day.

      Therefore, as Congressman of the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois,  I will lead the charge to propose and file bills in The 115th Congress to bring back the Work Program Administration, known as the WPA.  This Depression-era program put 8 million Americans back to work, infusing money earned, into the pockets of men and women to support their families, being a stabilizing force for congressional districts all across this nation.

      It is time to become a patriotic American in 2016, and beyond, as it comes to the stabilizing of resources for job creation, investment in new technologies and giving a new hope to the current and future generations.  We will refocus what this country spends its resources on to get the type of return that does not feed hopelessness, but destroys it.  This must be coupled with the fair share of paying taxes by the higher income brackets that have benefited over the past 30 plus years in tax cuts, to be more responsible to shoulder the burden and pay their fair share to help reduce the debt this nation currently faces.


      The greatest threat to our country is doing the same things that got this nation in the fix we find ourselves in.  We cannot continue as a policy to spend tens of billions of dollars a month to bolster Wall Street and propose to "fast track" Treaties such as the Trans Asian Pacific Partnership Agreement, with no Amendments from Congress on an up or down vote. This nightmare, as written by the Fortune 500 Companies will foster manufacturing of goods in Vietnam, whose wages are $0.25 cents an hour with no labor standards, no civil rights, no women's rights, no child labor standards, etc., is a dangerous piece of legislation.  I, as your Congressman, will so aggressively fight this, with all the fury of a caring, loving father fighting for the survival for his family!  These wrong-headed priorities, among others, I will fight with such vigor, to remind us, this is the wrong path, from which the masses of citizens are looking to escape.

      I will be on the frontline in the battle to give justice, balance, and fairness because it is time in our history to rebuild this nation to greatness and prosperity for the masses of the citizens, the "99%".  Foreign policy matters I will address as they arise.  I am for peacemaking amongst nations, and this country must take a leading role to help demonstrate peaceful and workable policies that will provide clear leadership to this aim, in other nations.   This is always a work in progress.  I will work towards a peaceful home front here, as your Congressman, but I will not hesitate to protect our country from enemies, foreign or domestic.  The U.S Constitution is clear and I will abide by it on this issue, to protect our citizens and our borders.


      Responsibility and caring for life has been lost when it comes to the senseless gun violence on the South East Side of Chicago in our district.   I believe, because you have the right to bear arms, you also bear the burden of responsibility to have Marcus Lewis as your Congressman, this right.   This is not the Wild West or the Shootout at the OK Corral.  This is residential neighborhoods that are being terrorized by the use of an invention that kills and maims scores of innocent children and adults.  The shooting is promoted by having a foul environment where there is no industry for jobs to be worked, to earn a living, no grocery stores, and closed schools that force children to cross into areas that have an unsafe and unwelcoming affect to certain residents.  

      I will propose guns for jobs in Congress, to end the idleness of hopelessness where the gun is being used as an answer to a dispute, when it should be used only as a last resort for defending one's home front from invading intruders.  


      I believe we cannot live in filth, and survive, and call ourselves good citizens.  This is the only country I have known that I call home, and we are the current stewards of it.  Therefore, all of us must be equally responsible.  I know that there are forces continue to affect our environment by dumping and harboring Pet Coke on our South East Side of Chicago.  This must cease.  As does the insanity of the pollution currently in Pembroke Township, Hopkins Park, Illinois in particular that has been third in cancer clusters in the nation.  As your Congressman, I will focus the light of day, and stand with these areas of the district, to abate this threat to all of our existence to live in a clean environment.   My belief is cleanliness is next to Godliness.  We must ferret out polluters, and make them clean up their mess, and make them pay damages to those affected. 


      I believe that rights of women should be completely equal to that as enjoyed by men in all sectors of life in America.  Therefore, I will reintroduce the constitutional amendment for women to have equal rights.


      I will have an open door policy to our men and women that have served our country in uniform.  I know the country loves the soldier but I want you to know I care about the vet.  This group of Americans know all to well that after their tour of duty is over and a return to civilian life begins,  too many forget these people must be tended to by this government for their special needs, to again resume life outside the military.  

      Thus, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure you will receive the things and benefits this country has promised you, in full.


      I believe we must move forward to a sane and properly planned immigration policy everyone can see, and point to as the rules to get on the path of citizenship in the United States.  Therefore, I support the Dream Act.